Financial Literacy for Teachers and Students

Most of us teachers are too preoccupied with work that most of our “supposedly” money for savings, go to paying for products or services that will offer us either comfort or luxury. Remember those gadgets, fine dining, spa membership, dental visits (to get braces), and travel bookings? Those are just a few of the things we spend our money with.
I feel bad whenever I see teachers who bashfully tell people that they went to London. For ordinary people, they may greet these teachers with awe in their eyes saying “so mag-British accent ka nga like Harry Potter!” Unfortunately, London means “loan doon” to teachers. Instead of being addicted to saving and investing, teachers often get too attached to their debts that they have a collection of umbrella or bag giveaways from City Savings, SSS, GSIS, PAG-IBIG, and other Teacher Loan Association/Cooperatives. It saddens me to see teachers who are Academically Educated yet Financially Uneducated.
“Money is NOT the root of all evil. The love of money, is.”
Money is neutral. It is the person handling the money who is in control whether to use it for the good things or the bad.
Teachers deserve to have financial freedom. Thus, we must all save or better yet, invest for the future.
“A dollar saved is a dollar earned.”
I was told not to put all my eggs in one basket… so aside from variable life insurance, FarmOn investment, mutual funds, stock market investment, thingies travel savings, I also stood up to the 12-month saving challenge which will be my emergency fund! So far, I have 9 thousand.
Students, start saving/investing early… your youth is your primary asset. This article may help you start: 12-month saving challenge.
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