ICTED 2014


with the parallel sessions presenters

I have been lucky and privileged to attend the 8th International Conference on Teacher Education (ICTED 2014) last August 21-23, 2014.

At first I was hesitant to ask my school director and mentor about it, then having thought of this event as a great opportunity to gain knowledge from speakers that I can share to my colleagues at Quezon Science High School and apply in my teaching, I gathered all the courage I got and asked Ma’am to let me attend the said conference. I used the power of positive thinking and I got a resounding, “YES!” from Ma’am.

As a way of giving back to the universe the favor it gave me, here’s what I got from the said event.

***Being OC, I almost copied all the content of each slides. 🙂


gained a new friend because of ICTED

SYNTHESIS OF THE ICTED 2014                  (based on Dr. Fras Abaya’s Synthesis on the last day of ICTED)


  • Global and Local Nexus in addressing diversity in education in various contexts
  • Gaps between policy and practice in the field of education
  • Foregrounding of human rights-based approach to education for all along with attention to the issue of social justice
  • Multiple and contested understanding of inclusive education
  • Multiple constructions of the concept of disability
  • Deliberations on policy research and university-based research
  • Pre-service teacher education and in-service teachers and school administrator’s competencies as objects of intervention
  • Emerging discussion on human agency vis-à-vis structures
  • Deepening recognition of teacher and student prior/funds of knowledge
  • Alternative education systems
  • Innovations in teaching-learning technologies
  • Deconstructing textbooks
  • Parental and community involvement in education
  • Linguistic diversity as resource rather than impediment
  • Politics in language policy formulation
  • Issue of national identity
  • Celebrating “best practices”
  • And, research methodologies beyond positivist epistemology.


I hope you can also attend the next ICTED on 2016 and present your paper there. See you soon!