10 Reasons to Review at Mindgym Philippines and 1 Reason Why You Shouldn’t

1. Caring Staff and Coaches

Mindgym Philippines treat everyone as family members even before you join them or after taking the LET. You’ll never feel left behind and you’ll never feel unimportant. They will welcome you with open arms and will guide you from start to finish. When you enter Mindgym, you’ll feel at home. You might even recall the same feeling you had when your mother diligently teach you how to read, speak and write.

2. Worth every Penny Spent

Compared to other review centers which stop their lectures at the scheduled time, Mindgym coaches will teach you what you need to know and even go beyond what you want to know on the topic even if they have to stay from 8am until 10pm with no additional charges. This proves their dedication to their job and their commitment to quality education.

3. Most Up-to-date Tools

Mindgym revises their materials after every Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers (twice a year). They receive feedback from recent LET takers to make sure their materials are updated.

4. Valuable Tips from Topnotchers

If you review in Mindgym, you’ll receive firsthand LET tips from their Topnotchers (you may take a selfie with them,too!) They will inspire you to TOP the LET just like how they did it.

5. Conducive Place to Study

With its small number of people per batch, Mindgym assures your comfort while learning. The center is fully-air-conditioned and has the best audio system and lecture equipment. Classical music that helps your brain to learn and your body to relax is also played during break time.

6. Fun and Interactive Games

Mindgym caters to the Multiple Intelligence we have. Thus, they provide games and activities that will make you holistically ready for LET. Ice-breakers/Physical and mental exercises as well as group games are provided whenever the class feels sleepy so you’ll never feel bored during your stay at Mindgym. (Bonus:these games and ice-breakers will be useful throughout your teaching career.)

7. Effective Memory Tools and Speed-Reading Techniques

Coach Albert will teach you the most effective way of remembering information (store and retrieve) based on the principles of Tony Buzan: mindmaps, association, etc. Coach Alice will guide you on the proper way of reading and understanding the text with 80-100% accuracy in comprehension and retrieval of information while and after reading.

8. Diagnostic and Mock LET

Mindgym holds record of your scores from your Diagnostic Exam, daily/major drills and Mock LET for you to be aware of your progress during the entire review course. Mindgym provides Mock LET that is patterned from actual PRC LET: Schedule, Things to Bring, What to wear, Question, Answer Sheet, Information Sheet, etc.

9. Option to Learn at your own Pace and Convenience

Mindgym also has an online review option for those who cannot attend the live coaching through My Review Coach. My Review Coach offers an anytime, anywhere access to over 3,500 review drills and resources for General and Professional Education, your Specialization, and a Mock LET. It has helped coach seven topnotchers* since 2011, recorded an 80-85% passing rate, and favorable experience feedback.

10. Gain life-long Learning Experience

Mindgym will train you to be holistically ready to face the real world of teaching by passing on their values and life time commitment to quality education and teaching with the heart.

If your goal is to FAIL the LET, you should NOT review at Mindgym Philippines.


Pass the LET and do facebook, too!

I read a lot of tips from the internet about Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET) preparation and most of them suggested us not to be “online” or be active on Facebook and other social media sites. I was like, “Woah! That will be equal to not talking to my Dad for months!” My dad works in Saudi Arabia and we need to be “online” everyday for Skype chats and kumustahan.


Those tips might be true for some but I have a different view on this. After I graduated from college last April 10, 2013, I have always been “online” and I believe this activity has helped me to have a high rating in the September LET 2013 – English Specialization. Why? It is because I posted my target: To TOP the LET, on my fb wall. Every LIKE I get serves as a reminder and sort of an obligation to really achieve my goal and make my dreams come true. (I may not be a topnotcher when the result was out, but I got a very high rating, so that’s more than enough especially for a person like me whose waterloo is English!)


Here are the questions I frequently get from readers and FB friends:

“How did you do that, Neph?”

“Isn’t it distracting?”

“When I start, I never stop (doing FB), are you in the same way addicted to it?”

“Don’t you have anything to do?”

“You might be a total bum in order to do that, aren’t you?”


Honestly, I do not have a teaching job prior to taking the LET. After graduation, I reviewed at Mindgym and stayed in our house after the review sessions. I know. You’d say to yourself, “Ah! Kaya pala naman,eh! Marami kang time! Magkaiba tayo! Ako ay sobrang busy.” Well, I am not done talking/writing yet. I also do a lot of work, like you do. I operate an online shop: Wachuwant Shop where we receive a minimum of 10 orders per day that requires a lot of business deals, ordering for supplies, packing, and nationwide/international shipping. I am also responsible in doing the house chores (laundry, cleaning the entire house, cooking, etc.) Imagine cleaning a 4-bedroom, 2-storey, 100sq.m. house EVERYDAY. (My mom freaks out at the sight of dirt so I need to make the entire house spick-and-span. Note: I work as a maid here. LOL. Praying to receive a minimum wage at the very least from Mom. Another Note: It never happened. LOL again.)


Here’s my little secret: Be sure to “Schedule your priorities!”


Here’s my daily schedule of TO DO’s:

6 am – 1 pm Clean the house, do the laundry and cook food a.k.a. House Chores (Breakfast and Lunch Time included)

1 pm – 2 pm Rest (take a nap, listen to music, surf the net, do fb, etc.)

2 pm – 5 pm Review LET materials and Answer drills

5 pm – 8 pm Attend to Wachuwant Shop’s Orders and Product Inquiries (Dinner time included)

8 pm – 11 pm FB and Twitter time while watching educational videos on Youtube (Crash Course), Read relevant news articles, explore educational websites and quiz sites.

11 pm – 6 am Sleep Time (One month before the LET, I couldn’t sleep because of excitement so I used the perked up time to read more.) Another secret: If you can’t sleep, READ (anything that has letters on them will do. You’ll never know what trivia will be included in GenEd part.)


It is important for LET takers to be organized so that our brain will be programmed to do its job on retrieving data/remembering well because it has a system to follow.


Let your reviewing for the LET be a hobby! Read as if the letters will fly and you’ll not be able to cage it unless you catch it with your eyes and brain. Let the work you do be a recreational experience. Enjoy life! Enjoy learning! You’ll get its benefit now and use it for the rest of your life! God bless on your LET journey!


LET Items I have Encountered last Sept. 29, 2013

These are the items I remembered. I made a list right after taking the LET to make sure I could help others who will be taking the next LET to have the general idea of the exam coverage.


English – grammar (SV agreement, use of either/neither, indefinite pronoun, contrast bet. its and it’s), Reading and comprehension (simple lang po yung nasa LET-telling main ideas and riddles), figures of speech.

Filipino – uri ng panlapi, teorya ng wika, matalinhagang salita, pagpapantig, pokus ng pandiwa, karaniwan at di karaniwang pangungusap, uri ng teksto, alpabeto (baybayin/alibata)

Math – fractions, simple interest, geometry (angle, area, perimeter, pythagorean theorem), linear equations, LCM and GDF, work problems, ratio and proportion, PEMDAS, factoring polynomials, exponents, age problem, graph of an equation, mean/average.

Science – focused on biology (classification of mosquito-phylum arthropoda), naming, photosynthesis, cells, euthrophication, cell cycle, rocks, Avogadro’s number.

Social Science – focused on american regime (choices are Cooper Act, batas jones, hare-hawes-cutting law, tydings-mcduffie law, 3 items po ay tungkol sa mga ito nalimutan ko na po yung saktong tanong pero ang alam ko pa ay mga probisyon), writ of amparo, banda na tumugtog sa cawit cavite nung june 12 – Malabon, Rizal, (nothing about music or arts pero sa Elem. daw po ay marami).

ICT – very basic lang po (Hardware/software, keyboard shortcuts like CTRL+Alt+Del, parts of computer, program to use,etc).


Faci and Child Devt – Learning theories (Bruner’s EnIS came up 5 times, Behaviorism, Vygotsky 3 or more times about scaffolding, Dale’s cone of experience, Freud, Gagne’s condition of learning)

Principles of teaching, Edtech, Curr. Devt – Classroom management, withitness, application of edtech, Teaching activities like KWL, advanced org, dealing with discipline)

Assessment of Learning – types of evaluation process, guidance and counseling, performance assessment, wala pong kahit anong computation (hindi po namin nagamit ang calculator).

Teaching Profession and Social Dim – 4 pillars of learning, NCBTS, EFA, (wala pong Law), Code of ethics.

English Specialization

Linguistics – Krashen, intonation, speech act theory, paul grice’s maxims

Structure of English – (almost 20 items or more came from this) s-v agreement, vocabulary, intonation, voice, verbals, verb tenses, prepositions.

Stylistics – gricean maxims, speeach act theory, literaty theory.

Teaching methodology – approaches (audio lingual,etc.)

Instructional Materials – factors affecting choice

Lang. Lit. Assessment – kinds of test to use for a situation (placement, diagnostic,etc), performance-based assessment

Literature – Quotations and asking for author (No man is an island – john donne, to err is human to forgive divine – pope), henry david thoreau, Shakespeare’s works and quotations, Tagore, Rigveda, simple mythology (Helen of troy, gods and goddesses).

Campus Journalism – copyreading codes (stet, 30, #, etc.), parts of newspaper (Masthead, headline, etc.).

Creative Writing – elements of fiction, figurative languages

ESP – needs analysis

Language Curriculum – general content of syllabus, what syllabus to use, no questions about K-12

Language Research – parts of research paper

Language Translation – (maybe there’s none because could not remember items about this.)

***Please be part of my advocacy to help others by adding more items that I have missed, please include them as Comments below especially for the other specializations.

Credits to: Teacher Neph


My LET Journey

Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) is not an easy test. Don’t be fooled by people telling you not to study at all and just rely on your stock knowledge and you sure will pass the LET. They are wrong. Do not be mislead by people telling you that if it’s meant to be, you will pass and if it’s not meant to be, better luck next time. LET is not a matter of pure luck. LET is a matter of perseverance. The moment you convince yourself that LET is just as easy as your college quizzes, you will find yourself taking it again the following year.

Passing and even having a high rating in the LET is not an accident. It is done with careful planning, actions and considerations. It is not done overnight; it is done with years of preparation. If you want to succeed in LET, I have 7 words for you: Excellent preparation is the secret to success.

I reached my goal because of 3 things:

  1. Desire
  2. Action
  3. Faith

#1 Desire

download (1)

I have a burning desire to be a LET topnotcher. Since 2010, I told myself, my goal is not just to pass the LET but to TOP it or at least have a high rating. I’ll tell you how passionate I was to reach my dream. I started saving for my review in Mindgym Philippines as early as 2010. Back then, every semester I get money from my scholarship which I invest in my own business (Choconfections – chocolate candies). I save the money I got from the business and half of it I used to start another business (Wachuwant Shop – an online gift shop). Half of the money I earned from those two businesses I used in 2013 Mindgym Review and half of it I shared with my partner, Mico for buying stuff we need.

I decided to attend Mindgym Review Sessions and told Mo/am Alice my desire to TOP the LET. All the coaches in Mindgym Philippines supported my desire. The emotional support is important because it gives your fire oxygen for combustion to happen, so instead of keeping your taking the LET a secret, tell it to your family and friends so you could receive emotional or even financial support as well. I did that and it worked! Yes, I have saved money for my review, but I don’t have enough money for my stay in Quezon City. What I did is I told my mom not to have a celebration for my graduation, but to let me use the money for my stay in the metro instead.

You might probably ask me, “Why do you need to TOP? You can just pass the test and go on with your life. They are just the same!” My answer would be, “If you would be thinking anyway, think BIG!”

I dream of topping the LET.

“Aim to TOP coz’ if you don’t make it, you pass. Do not just aim to pass coz’ if you miss it, you fail.”

If you have your great passion and desire to achieve your goal, then you will have no difficulty on doing the 2nd step which is Action.

#2 Action

I told you earlier that to excel in the LET or any other exams require years of preparation. I said years because you cannot just take the exam without earning a degree or certificate in education. My desire is to make it to the top and in order to do that, I must make a lot of adjustments and sacrifices. My plan is to work for the government right after passing/topping the LET. My mom and dad told me not to apply for a job in the private schools because I need to sign a contract to stay there for a year or two. It may take away my chance of working in the government/DepEd. I really wanted to work and earn money but I need to be firm on my decision. I could not serve two masters at the same time. I could not work as a teacher and review for the LET at the same time. I know my strengths and weaknesses and I know that if I work, chances are, I pass the test but may not be able to reach my goal which is to be one of the best. Luckily, I have supportive parents and more luckily, I earn from my businesses with little effort. So I need not to work. Why would I work when I can earn the same amount of my would-be salary from my present business? Thank God, I have prepared for it in advanced.

When I was reviewing, I was a voracious learner. If I didn’t understand a concept, I would not stop until I get it. And I do not stop there, I try to dig deeper. When I answer a question and found myself wrong, I examine not only the correct answer but all the other choices as well. I believe that it is not only the right answer that I need to know, but also the reason I was mislead to answer wrongly in the first place. I went to different quiz sites and answered all the items I could find. I made sure that I have perfected every MindGym drill before moving to the next topic. I had one goal, to reduce my weak areas while keeping my strengths more rooted. Our coaches suggest us to allot at least one or two hours of our time to reviewing. I did that and more. I allotted 3 hours reading/reviewing and 2 hours to taking quizzes/drills. I spent the remaining hours doing house chores, praying, sleeping, eating, writing stories, blog, managing our online businesses, etc. Don’t be scared, if you cannot allot 5 hours, 1 hour a day may be enough. We all have different capacities and it’s just that my case is different from yours (it takes time in order for me to absorb knowledge fully). Do you think I’m missing out the fun? Not really. I watch movies, check Facebook, laugh, play, attend seminars, and go on dates during the weekends to reward myself after accomplishing my desire/task. I believe that all work and no play is suicide.


Sometimes, I feel I can’t understand what I am reading even if I tried for hours. So, I step back and meditate. I do exercise or I take a nap or eat a healthy meal or most especially, I pray for God’s guidance. I enjoy what I do. One trick, “if it ain’t fun, don’t do it!” Does this mean you’ll not study for the exam because you hate reading or studying? No, you find ways to make it fun. Have a study group, invite friends who support you, once in a while play games, and ask your parent or sibling to quiz you on items. You do not need to be alone in order to win. You need to follow your bliss or if you cannot, tame it and let it follow you.


You might be asking, “Do I really have to study as much as you?” The main reason why I study a lot is my major. Being an English major is difficult; not that I am belittling other specialization but simply because English is my waterloo. When I was in high school, I excel in Math and Sciences but I chose to major in English. I wanted to challenge myself and try to live a different world that requires more reading, speaking, listening, viewing, and writing. When I was starting my review in MindGym, I was challenged once again because most topnotchers are Science, Math, and Values majors. Coaches even told us that PRC makes the Exam for English Majorship difficult because we already have a language advantage (the test is written in English) to be fair for other majors taking the test. This is the reason why I need to take an extra mile in reviewing for our majorship exam; especially the literature part. How can I read all the great works in just 5 months and memorize those authors, themes, ideas, time, and awards? I was frustrated. If the coaches themselves think that the Exam for English majors is difficult, what more for us who would be taking the exam? Some of my co-LET takers are frightened and they even say it is impossible for us to top the LET. But there is one person that made me passionate to excel: coach Joanne (Top 10 English Major). I told myself, if she can do it, so can I. I conditioned my mind that it is not impossible for an English Major to TOP the LET. Yes, it is difficult, but NOT impossible. I believe that if I can see it with my mind’s eye, I can achieve it. Period.


#3 Faith

Since 2010, I have started using the Law of Attraction. I began building my vision board. I look at it every day; I visualize myself as a licensed teacher. The Law of Attraction is also the main reason why I get a GWA of not less than 1.45 every semester. I have an attitude—an attitude of gratitude. I never miss a day thanking God for his guidance and grace. Before I go to bed, I count blessings. Through the years I develop an “Inverse Paranoia.” I always feel excited on the blessings I will be receiving every day.

images (1)

Days before the LET, I always visualized myself answering the questions with ease. I convinced myself that I have prepared well for the test and it will just be easy. (I told you earlier that LET is not an easy test but why I am telling that it is easy now? That’s because I believe I have done my part reviewing rigorously for months, and that the exam has no other way to go but to be easier. This is a way of enhancing confidence, and you need confidence in answering exams. Otherwise, you might end up panicking with every difficult question you encounter.)

On the day of the exam, my prayers have been answered. I answered the exam with ease. I believe that God is the one taking the exam for me and I was just the instrument. I dedicated my answers for His glory. To my surprise, I did not have difficulty answering our Majorship questions. If you could be able to get my test booklet, you will see that aside from letters and circles on each page and almost every item I have written, “Thank you God!” After checking my answers thrice, I delivered everything to God and I said I have done my best.


Days past and I could feel that waiting for the result is much more difficult than reviewing or taking the exam. Almost all of us are checking PRC’s website everyday for the result. One point in time, I became frustrated. One week before the result of the LET was out, I tried to Remote View the results. I got the list of topnotchers (vague yet clear enough to feel that my name was not there). I have been practicing this art/science of Remote Viewing to see events from past, present or future using your subconscious. When I found out my name was not on the Top, I used this knowledge to condition myself that there is still more to life than topping the LET. It’s good that I knew this prior to seeing the result myself so I would not be disappointed when I see the actual results. I rechanneled my energy to hoping and praying that my classmates whom I coached get a 100% passing rate.


I expected it, yet it blew my mind. I was right on the topnotchers. Although my name wasn’t there, I was still happy we got 100% passing rate. The first text messages that I got were not that of “Congratulations” but more of “Thank you so much, Ate Neph! Pasado ako dahil sayo!” This is the best Christmas gift ever! I was so happy and I was lost for words. I just whispered my prayer of thanks to God Almighty for giving me the huge present of being able to inspire people to dream big and having a high rating in LET.

I thank my family, friends, Mindgym coaches, and teachers for supporting me, for believing in me, for pushing me towards the top, for empowering me with kind words, for being there for me through ups and downs, for being my guide, for caring for me, and for nourishing me with unending love. I promise to do my best, to do God’s will, to help His people and to inspire millions on being part of educating the nation.


Credits to: Teacher Neph


Mindgym Philippines: Our Life Coach

Way back 2011 when the result of the September licensure exam was out, I saw the name of Teacher Jean Millare in the news. I immediately searched for her in Facebook to befriend her. I had this goal in mind that someday, I will be like her—a topnotcher.

I was surprised when she accepted my friend request immediately after I sent her a message. I read everything about her in the internet and in the newspapers. I read that she is a Mindgym alumna so I searched for the said review center right away. I envisioned myself being able to review at Mindgym just like Teacher Jean. I even imagined myself on the tarpaulin of the Mindgym topnotchers.

jean millare

I told my Mom not to celebrate for my graduation on 2013 but to save money for my review in Quezon City instead. She was hesitant at first because I’ll be coming back to the Metro again where I was raped back in 2009 that caused me to transfer to a school in Quezon province. It took time for me to convince her that I am okay now and I have recovered from the past. I told her, “Ma, kapag pinayagan mo akong sa Mindgym mag-review, I promise you, pagbalik ko, ipagmamalaki mo ako dahil topnotcher na ako!” She just smiled as always. She agreed to support me, so every year I help her save money for my review in Mindgym Philippines.

Teacher’s Journey

I got too excited to review at MIndgym that I purchased their Warm Ups Book 1 as early as February. I love the personal letter from coach Alice and plenty of drills, mindmaps, reading and memory enhancement techniques  included in the package. I immediately read and answered the drills in the book. I was so glad that the book comes with rationalization on each answer. The book comes with inspiring messages and tips from past topnotchers that even boosted my enthusiasm to succeed.


The day of my graduation came. I got a GWA of 1.4 and lowest grade of 2.0 yet I was not given any award because I am a transferee student. My parents and relatives were so sad especially my Mom who was expecting to go up the stage as she was accustomed to every graduation since I was in Day Care. To renew my mom’s lost hopes, I told her again, “Ma, medal lang yun. Graduation lang yun. Hindi pa dun nagtatapos ang lahat. May LET pa. Papatunayan natin sa kanila, na pagkatapos ng LET, sila naman ang maghahabol sa atin. Tayo naman ang tatawagan nila hindi lang para parangalan sa stage kundi para maging speaker sa mga seminars. Wag ka na po malungkot.” “Sana nga anak. Alam kong kaya mo yan,” are the last words I heard from Mom that day.


I decided to contact Mindgym Philippines right after graduation and Mo/am Alice responded with so much enthusiasm. I kept on asking for reservations for the first batch because I want to have more time to review.


I was really determined to top the LET. I told my goal to coach Alice and coach Albert and they were more than happy to help me achieve my dream.

9707_10151821748298819_1313959204_n (1)

coach albert message

When I finally arrived at Mindgym for the orientation, I was extremely happy to meet Mo/am Alice and coach Albert in person. They were both full of energy the whole day. (9am-8pm)


I’ll never forget our activities that day:

  1. Orientation and overview of the LET (what to expect, statistics, etc,)
  2. Memory enhancement and drills
  3. Fiesta-themed “Basagang Palayok”
  4. Getting-to-know each other activity thru performances using Multiple Intelligences by Howard Gardner
  5. Writing one’s Target (score on LET, Top the LET, etc,)—a symbolic activity that serves as a reminder of our LET dream just within our reach
  6. Telekinesis Practice (Testing the Power of our minds using bolt and thread)
  7. Torch Lighting and passing of the torch as a symbol of knowledge we will gain in our entire stay at Mindgym Philippiines.


I get excited every session because aside from the lessons and theories of learning, I learn new ice-breakers, new dance steps, new classroom games and new techniques in teaching by getting involved in the different activities in between each lecture and set of drills. There was never a dull moment in Mindgym. Whenever LETters feel sleepy, the coaches come prepared and armed with physical activities (exercises, song, dance, games, even performances from talented co-LETters) to awaken our spirit. The LETters love the simple act of kindness from our coaches and Ms. Precious by giving us candies, coffee, food, hot/cold water and freebies.


Mindgym also has a Boodle fight every Mock Drills Day. We experienced a kind of “Blood-compact” or shall I say “Food-compact” through sharing food and eating together with our bare hands. This activity showed Mindgym’s passion for equality, friendship, unity, love, and humility.

I will never forget the Awarding ceremony we had at the end of our batch coaching sessions where I received a “Top of the World” Award for topping the ProfEd and GenEd Mock Drills.



Mindgym not only gave us the knowledge and techniques in order to answer the items in the LET correctly but also gave us practical tips on how to fight anxieties, stress, and problems we might encounter on LET day. We had a Mock LET where we practiced filling out forms, shading items and answering the test as if we were already taking the actual LET.

I have found out just recently that most of my classmates and schoolmates back in the university where I graduated didn’t even know that the answer sheet looked that way or when to write using a black pen and when to use a pencil. They were surprised during the actual LET that they need to ask the proctor what to do several times to the point of annoyance. They were lost. This affected their confidence all throughout the exam. With this in mind, I would say that, “An excellent preparation is the key to success!” I thank Mindgym Philippines for boosting our confidence by keeping us properly armed with knowledge and tips we needed to survive the Licensure Examination for Teachers.


During our Power Coaching, we were flooded with affirmations and positive attitude that we are already winners! The refreshers work as an excellent checklist to verify our knowledge and preparation for the LET! The speakers who were past Topnotchers and high-raters were generous on giving pieces of advice for us not to fret on the day of the LET. They reminded us to aim high! Their expectations are Pygmalion Effect at work. We even got a chance to hug and have photos taken with the topnotchers! This fuelled our passion to be like them and achieve our dreams.




When you think after the Power Coaching (final coaching for some review centers) Mindgym’s support ends there, YOU WERE WRONG! We constantly get updates, drills, and unending tips and inspirational messages from their website, Facebook page, and FB Groups even after the last coaching session.

Mindgym’s LET Send-Off

When we had our actual LET, I know and feel that we are in the prayers of the entire Mindgym family.

Mindgym’s Prayer

So, you’re asking, “Nakapag-LET na, siguro naman tapos na ang support ng Mindgym.” WRONG AGAIN! The love and support never end there. There are still tips and inspirational messages coming from the Coaches especially Mo/am Alice on how to fight post-LET anxieties. We even had a victory party right after the Exam to uplift the spirit of the LETters and believe we have done our best so God will do the rest.

Advanced Victory Party


We will forever remain a part of the Mindgym Family. THAT’S WHAT I KNOW FOR SURE!


Credits to: Teacher Neph