EDUC 294 Course Reflection

I am a freshman MA student in UP, and EDUC 294 is the first course I was able to take in my pursuit of being an EdTech major. Certainly enough, EDUC 294 proved to be a great way to start. Coming straight from earning my college degree, I can clearly see the difference in teaching approach as compared to college courses. In the capable hands of Professor Elenita Que, we were greatly nurtured on exploring new innovative ways towards the modern classroom while making effective use of collaborative learning.


Before I started on this course, I was already using social networking in managing my classes. Thanks to EDUC 294, I was made aware of vast new ways to further maximize the use of technology in the classroom such as Quipper. I only found out about Quipper during my EDUC 294 course; and to say the least; me and my classes are now avid and regular users of this innovative platform.

All of us were greatly encouraged on making effective presentations. I myself became more adept in the use and exploration of new presentation materials such as Prezi. It was also through this course that I was encouraged to attend the International Conference on Teacher Education 2014 last August 21-23. Not only did I learn a ton from the speakers, but I was also able to meet and connect with many other educators from the country. Needless to say, my PLN (Personal Learning Network) got a whole lot bigger.

The use of greatly eased the handling of the course where you never miss an update (which is a chore in classes where you rely on note taking) and most relevant resources are available online. The use of Mahara undoubtedly made me more proficient in handling and writing blog content. All in all, EDUC 294 was a great eye-opener for me and I could not have asked for more on the way it was handled.  And of course, the fact that there was always delicious food inside the class didn’t hurt  Laughing


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