Website Building Made Easy

Before I decided to teach in public, I have made a website for my online store. I made it using wordpress website template. I found it hard to do and time-consuming maybe because I have a lot of stuff for sale or maybe because the website building process is new to me.

Now that I am a teacher in a newly established high school, I wanted to help the school be known to others by building a website for our school. Good thing the reporters in our EDUC 294 class have given me ideas on how to start my own website with ease.


Dos and Don’ts on Building a Website

Make a First Impression

Ask yourself:

–           Is this site credible?

–          Is this trustworthy?

–          Does it look professional?

–          How can I find what I want? (navigation tools)

–          Does this site make me feel welcome? (intro page)

–          Am I in the right place?


Great Design

–          Proper use of colors

–          Use appropriate animations, gadgets, and media

–          Have an organized layout

–          Proper typography (use of font, size and colors)

–          “Design is important but great content is the ultimate goal.”


Maintain consistency

–          Be aware of color combination and elements


Use the right images

–          stock images tend to me irrelevant use real image


Create solid navigation system

–          make it easy for the website visitor


Limit Flash and animation

–          HTML5 has no need for external plugins

–          Puffin supports flash in IPad


Make it accessible

–          Anyone visiting your website can view it no matter what device they use.


A recommended website builder is which is a cloud-based web development platform that allows users to create HTML5-based (drag and drop) website.



What are the features of HTML 5?

–          Makes videos and audio accessible

–          Document type (drag-and-drop)

–          Customizable

–          Better interactions

–          Smarter storage

–          Legacy/cross browser support

–          Mobile ready



When the group of reporters recommended, I immediately started building our school’s website there because I found it user-friendly and very easy to manipulate because of its drag-and-drop feature. There are also hundreds of website templates to choose from. The website I produced is customizable. also has a mobile editor which makes it easy for me to visit my site and edit it using my cellular phone or tablet. 




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