Social Networking Sites

We all know that the social media/network is an instrument of communication; not only that, social media/network can also be a platform where students and teachers interact on a daily basis. A teacher can twit his/her student their next assignments or other announcements. Even short quizzes and trivia can be twitted. I for example have a twitter account and I sometimes post announcements thru twitter.

Facebook , a another social media platform is very useful to me since most of my students are active facebook users, I grabbed the chance to add them as friends not only to monitor their grammar on their posts but also to connect with them and add them to our classes’ group where I upload assignments and links to educational sites.

The social media offers an avenue for giving a flipped-classroom experience where students learn content online by watching video lectures, usually at home, and homework is done in class with teachers and students discussing and solving questions. Teacher interaction with students is more personalized – guidance instead of lecturing.


Social media can indeed be an instrument for teaching. However, there are still issues and impact of social media that teachers should be aware of in order to provide a positive class experience to students and parents.

Issues and Impacts of Social Media:

–          Can take an inordinate amount of internet bandwidth

–          Takes time

–          False sense of privacy

–          Scams targeting teens

–          Spyware and adware installation

–          Screen acts as a moral disconnect

–          Marketed

–          Avoids face-to-face conversations

–          Make friends only online

–          The meaning of the word “friend” is changing and it puts children at risk

–          Cyber bullying

–          Cyber cheating

–          Cyber stalking

–          Age appropriate exposure

–          Internet safety

–          Student behavior

So before you post anything online, be sure to ask yourself:


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