Materials Generator

As a new teacher in a science high school, I always have this small worry that my students would need more than what is offered by the normal public high school—technology and teaching innovation. Although it is not required, as the youngest member of the faculty, I always want to set the trend in using technology in education. I am so glad to be one of the reporters of the topic, “Materials Generators” not only that I can learn a lot from my research; I can also apply what I learned in MA class to my own teaching in my school in Quezon.

Whenever I go in front of the class, I see to it that I am more than prepared in the lesson and activities because my students get bored in traditional way of teaching. I need to prepare worksheets, games, activities, quizzes and exams that assess not only their intellectual ability but their multiple intelligences as well. Material generators helped me a lot in my everyday struggle. They made my life easier.


Material Generator is a tool that aids learners and teachers construct instructional materials and assessment tools.


>>> Desktop Publishing Software

It is a program that allows students and teachers to maximize the full potential of print communication


Microsoft  Office Publisher, Adobe Pagemaker, Scribus

>>>Web Design Software

It is a software program that allows the user to create, edit, and update web pages and websites without learning the how to use HTML


Wix, Serif, Pagebreeze, Weebly

>>>Test Generator Software

Provides the possibility to create and publish tests and questionnaires without requiring any programming experience


EasyTestMaker, Testmoz

>>>Rubric Generators

It is a program that helps teachers creates rubrics in an instant.



>>>Worksheet and Puzzle Generators

It help teachers produce exercises for practices rather than


The Teachers Corner, A to Z Teachers Stuff, Discovery education

>>> Individualized education program generators

Charts, graphs and detailed reports on students progression are documented and can be accessed at any time for comparison


DevelopingMind Software

>>>PDF and Form makers

It allows other users to read the file, changes files in a format that allows viewing and sending documents as images.


Adobe FormsCentral, Blue Beam, Colorpilot, Formstack

>>>Graphic Document Makers

It simplifies the task of making highly graphic materials by using clip art and templates.


Teach-nology, Smart Draw, Inkscape

I attached a sample lesson in English Poetry where I incorporated the Material Generators.

When I gave teacher’s evaluation form to my students, Paul wrote, “Ma’am, There is nothing more to add in your teaching style but if you really want to integrate technology and other fun activities in your lessons for the next grading period, I want to show you one wonderful site that I really love—Mind/shift.”


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