For my first year of teaching in a science high school, I wanted to impress my students by providing a quality education and better class management so I decided to incorporate technology in the classroom. Aside from the pen and paper activities and actual performances, I incorporate Edmodo to my class at first then I switched to Quipper when I found out it is more user-friendly and provides a very hands-on technical support (Filipino experts sends me text messages and tips thru facebook on how to use Quipper.) Quipper helped me a lot because it , made it easy for me to monitor my students’ progress because it gives a chart of my class’ scores in the quizzes I posted. Students find it easy to memorize concepts that boosted their confidence in grammar because they can retake timed quizzes if they got the answers wrong at the first try. This way they can gain mastery of the subject matter by learning it as if they were playing.


A learning management system (LMS) is a software application or Web-based technology used to plan, implement, and assess a specific learning process.


I have learned a lot from the report and the discussion that followed. Here are the points I want to share with you:

LMS offers a lot of benefits:

–       Cost effective

–       Efficient training

–       Centralized

–       Tracking/reposting of students’ grades

–       Immediate feedback

Here are the list of LMS you can choose from and their respective description:


–       Is a complex system

–       Free but must be hosted by a server

–       Has lot of community support

–       Links open up to new sites


–       Operates on Java

–       Integrates Google drive and dropbox

–       No broad community support compared to Moodle


–       Has facebook interface

–       Can post assignment

–       User-friendly

–       Timed set for visibility

–       Add teachers in community

Class Jump

–       user-friendly

–       easy and colourful interface

–       easy setup

–       good for beginners

–       fast upload

Edu 2.0 / NEO LMS

–       has discussion forum

–       has calendar

–       has group and individual messaging

–       gives assignment reminders

–       easy to operate


–       has google drive

–       offers public courses

–       has cloud apps

–       no private messaging

Quipper School

–       user-friendly

–       has group and individual messaging

–       gives assignment reminders

–       good for beginners

–       offers k-12 courses for Filipinos

–       has colourful interface

–       add teachers’ community


–       no equal access for all

–       resistance to online teaching

–       not everyone learns the same way

–       often confused to be a teacher instead of a manager

–       training on using the LMS is required

If you are to use LMS in your class or school, you need:

–       to know how much you manage

–       what you want to track

–       budget

–       support

–       training and monitoring

–       school administration’s screening and approval

Here are the Criteria for choosing LMS:

–       user-friendly

–       computer system requirement

–       customization

–       work load for teacher

–       has/can provide parent’s account

–       gives access to apps and mobile ready

–       gives access to course content

–       has assessment and documentation feature

–       offers interactivity

–       has a supportive feature

–       sustains user’s interest

–       has time-saving feature

–       has a great visual design

–       has reference tools like dictionary, etc.

Here are the Benefits we have discussed about LMS:

For Parents: They may monitor their children’s progress, and they are updated.

For Teachers: They will have easy access to files, and it is efficient.

For Students: It is easier to monitor their performance, and it gives randomized items for quiz.

For the Administrators: They can customize the LMS. It has management reward system, and it helps in research.

Here are the Issues we have discussed about LMS

For Parents:  They may or may not have access to the account. There might be a digital divide. They may have no time for LMS. LMS may not be applicable to all because of parents’ variability and socio-economic status could also be an issue.

For Teachers:  LMS may give additional work. It may not be successful because of digital divide. Technology may sometimes fail and teachers are susceptible to being dependent to technology. IT support is always needed.

For Students: Digital divide and connectivity are also issues to consider in putting up LMS.

For Administrators: This may require large budget allocation.

Thanks to Prof. Que and my classmates for they have given me ideas that I could apply to my own teaching. My students really enjoyed our online and offline classes.


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