Data Analysis Software

It is tedious to do grade computations manually. Good thing we are introduced to the different data analysis software in my MA Edtech (Educ294) class.

Data Analysis Software

  • a software designed for analysis and interpretation of data using statistical measures
  • Allows ease and convenience on the part of the user since it will not require manual calculations
  • User shall be well versed with the basic statistical measures and inferences to use the software



  • A spreadsheet software developed by Microsoft for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS
  • It features calculations, graphing tools, pivot tables and macro programming language


SOFA Statistics

  • Statistics Open for All
  • SOFA is a user-friendly statistics, analysis, & reporting program.
  • It is free, with an emphasis on ease of use, learn as you go, and beautiful output.
  • SOFA lets you display results in an attractive format ready to share.



  • A program for statistical analysis of sampled data
  • A free replacement for the proprietary program SPSS, and appears very similar to it with a few exceptions.
  • It can perform descriptive statistics, T-tests, ANOVA, linear and logistic regression, cluster analysis, reliability and factor analysis, non-parametric tests and more


My life as a teacher got easier when I learned about these tools. My sister who is conducting her thesis is even amazed when I computed for her research’s data which requires ANOVA with ease. She didn’t know I used PSPP to compute it! *wink*


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