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Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since I have posted a blog entry. I have been busy lately because of work. I thank God for giving me such a blessing of being hired as a public school teacher in Quezon Science High School. I am also grateful to pass the University of the Philippines – College of Education Master’s Admission Test in Education or UPD MATE.

I promised my friends that if I passed the MATE, I will be posting tips to help others pass the test as well.

I will not keep everyone waiting so here’s the overview of the Test’s Contents. The test is divided into two parts: Multiple Choice and Essay part.

PART 1: Multiple Choice

 Language (25 items)

– Identifying error, reading comprehension, and sentence completion

*** I recommend you practice Speed Reading because you only have 18 minutes to answer this part.

Math (40 items)

– reasoning, word problems, fractions, measures of central tendency and variability (Statistics)

*** You are NOT allowed to use calculator or gadgets, so please practice your basic math skills. You only have 30 minutes to answer this part.

Abstract Reasoning (25-30 items)

– odd one out, next item in the series, missing item in a diagram

*** I suggest you practice answering abstract reasoning tests which are available online. This only takes 18 minutes.

Educational Thought and Practice (25 items)

– concepts and principles in educational psychology, measurement and evaluation, and principles and methods of teaching

*** If you just recently took the LET, you’ll have greater chance of answering this part with ease. My training in Mindgym helped me a lot in honing my test-taking skills. You have 20 minutes to answer this.

Critical Thinking (15-20 items)

– there are two logical statements in each item; choose their implications from the choices

*** Choose the BEST answer! Use the process of elimination on this part. There are confusing questions that really test your critical thinking skills. Although this may force you to read the question and choices twice, I recommend you answer the questions as fast as you can because you are given only 15 minutes to answer this part.

Teacher Qualities (10 items)

– teaching scenarios

*** This part deals with classroom management and problems encountered in school like administration, code of ethics conflicts, etc. LET items may be present in this part. You have 8 minutes to answer this part.

NOTE: The number of items and the time I have mentioned are just approximation. It has been months since I took the MATE and I am writing this by mere recall. The total number of items for Multiple Choice is 210.

PART 2 – Essay

To tell you honestly, I am quite confident on my answers in the multiple choice part maybe because I have recently taken the LET (Licensure Examination for Teachers) and I am quite familiar with how UP create test questions (UPCAT-like). However, I was a little hesitant on the essay part because we are only given 30 minutes to write the essay.

The question I got last March 21, 2014 was:

Are you in favor of the shift in the academic calendar of some of the universities in the Philippines, from June to August? Defend your answer in not more than 500 words.

*I would suggest you read news articles of national education concerns in order to keep abreast on what is happening around you. If you haven’t, at least be well versed in written English and be mindful of grammar and structure. I think the ones who check the essay part will check it objectively so he/she may not be looking at your flow of reasoning but will be checking the way you construct your sentences in an understandable manner. Also, you are like me who can’t write without erasures, I recommend you use Pilot Friction Pen in writing the essay part. I save me once, you can be saved as well. 🙂

If you have other questions, feel free to post your comments. I hope to see you in UP Diliman soon. God bless!

With regard to UPD MATE application process and requirements, you can visit their website at: UPCEd


14 thoughts on “UPD College of Education MATE

  1. Talagang naka-HOTS! Parang pinaghalong power and speed test! Ma’am may I ask kung right minus wrong po ung MC? SALAMAT!

  2. Ma’am, how were you notified na nakapasa po kayo? How long did you wait for the email confirmation to arrive? Saka kailangan po ba ng proof na passer kayo? Kakapasa KO lang din po, that’s according to the office staff na nakausap KO pero up until now wala pa din pong email. Thanks po! Saka ano po papa major nyo?

  3. Hi! I am inspired with your shared experince when you took MATE. I graduated from UPD i am not an educ major. I started in MassCom and finished BA Philippine Studies (Filipino medium for Creative Writing and some units I got from College of Mass Comm. I want to teach English this time and take LET. What do you suggest? TCP or MA? If I take an MA when can I take the LET for English major?

  4. I am not an educ major but I also have my undergrad in UP. I want to teach English this time. I have been working in a different industry. What do you suggest TCP or MA? When can I take LET if i take MA instead of TCP. Also can you suggest any book for EDUCATIONAL THOUGHT AND PRACTICE?

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