10 Reasons to Review at Mindgym Philippines and 1 Reason Why You Shouldn’t

1. Caring Staff and Coaches

Mindgym Philippines treat everyone as family members even before you join them or after taking the LET. You’ll never feel left behind and you’ll never feel unimportant. They will welcome you with open arms and will guide you from start to finish. When you enter Mindgym, you’ll feel at home. You might even recall the same feeling you had when your mother diligently teach you how to read, speak and write.

2. Worth every Penny Spent

Compared to other review centers which stop their lectures at the scheduled time, Mindgym coaches will teach you what you need to know and even go beyond what you want to know on the topic even if they have to stay from 8am until 10pm with no additional charges. This proves their dedication to their job and their commitment to quality education.

3. Most Up-to-date Tools

Mindgym revises their materials after every Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers (twice a year). They receive feedback from recent LET takers to make sure their materials are updated.

4. Valuable Tips from Topnotchers

If you review in Mindgym, you’ll receive firsthand LET tips from their Topnotchers (you may take a selfie with them,too!) They will inspire you to TOP the LET just like how they did it.

5. Conducive Place to Study

With its small number of people per batch, Mindgym assures your comfort while learning. The center is fully-air-conditioned and has the best audio system and lecture equipment. Classical music that helps your brain to learn and your body to relax is also played during break time.

6. Fun and Interactive Games

Mindgym caters to the Multiple Intelligence we have. Thus, they provide games and activities that will make you holistically ready for LET. Ice-breakers/Physical and mental exercises as well as group games are provided whenever the class feels sleepy so you’ll never feel bored during your stay at Mindgym. (Bonus:these games and ice-breakers will be useful throughout your teaching career.)

7. Effective Memory Tools and Speed-Reading Techniques

Coach Albert will teach you the most effective way of remembering information (store and retrieve) based on the principles of Tony Buzan: mindmaps, association, etc. Coach Alice will guide you on the proper way of reading and understanding the text with 80-100% accuracy in comprehension and retrieval of information while and after reading.

8. Diagnostic and Mock LET

Mindgym holds record of your scores from your Diagnostic Exam, daily/major drills and Mock LET for you to be aware of your progress during the entire review course. Mindgym provides Mock LET that is patterned from actual PRC LET: Schedule, Things to Bring, What to wear, Question, Answer Sheet, Information Sheet, etc.

9. Option to Learn at your own Pace and Convenience

Mindgym also has an online review option for those who cannot attend the live coaching through My Review Coach. My Review Coach offers an anytime, anywhere access to over 3,500 review drills and resources for General and Professional Education, your Specialization, and a Mock LET. It has helped coach seven topnotchers* since 2011, recorded an 80-85% passing rate, and favorable experience feedback.

10. Gain life-long Learning Experience

Mindgym will train you to be holistically ready to face the real world of teaching by passing on their values and life time commitment to quality education and teaching with the heart.

If your goal is to FAIL the LET, you should NOT review at Mindgym Philippines.


One thought on “10 Reasons to Review at Mindgym Philippines and 1 Reason Why You Shouldn’t

  1. Thank you Neph. These 10 reasons to review at MindGym capture our intended benefits for LETers (who succeed and just like you, eventually become part of our team of LET coaches). Am glad you included a reason not to enroll at MindGym; this makes the reader run to us to grab a seat in our LET coaching sessions (for fear of failure).

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