Pass the LET and do facebook, too!

I read a lot of tips from the internet about Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET) preparation and most of them suggested us not to be “online” or be active on Facebook and other social media sites. I was like, “Woah! That will be equal to not talking to my Dad for months!” My dad works in Saudi Arabia and we need to be “online” everyday for Skype chats and kumustahan.


Those tips might be true for some but I have a different view on this. After I graduated from college last April 10, 2013, I have always been “online” and I believe this activity has helped me to have a high rating in the September LET 2013 – English Specialization. Why? It is because I posted my target: To TOP the LET, on my fb wall. Every LIKE I get serves as a reminder and sort of an obligation to really achieve my goal and make my dreams come true. (I may not be a topnotcher when the result was out, but I got a very high rating, so that’s more than enough especially for a person like me whose waterloo is English!)


Here are the questions I frequently get from readers and FB friends:

“How did you do that, Neph?”

“Isn’t it distracting?”

“When I start, I never stop (doing FB), are you in the same way addicted to it?”

“Don’t you have anything to do?”

“You might be a total bum in order to do that, aren’t you?”


Honestly, I do not have a teaching job prior to taking the LET. After graduation, I reviewed at Mindgym and stayed in our house after the review sessions. I know. You’d say to yourself, “Ah! Kaya pala naman,eh! Marami kang time! Magkaiba tayo! Ako ay sobrang busy.” Well, I am not done talking/writing yet. I also do a lot of work, like you do. I operate an online shop: Wachuwant Shop where we receive a minimum of 10 orders per day that requires a lot of business deals, ordering for supplies, packing, and nationwide/international shipping. I am also responsible in doing the house chores (laundry, cleaning the entire house, cooking, etc.) Imagine cleaning a 4-bedroom, 2-storey, 100sq.m. house EVERYDAY. (My mom freaks out at the sight of dirt so I need to make the entire house spick-and-span. Note: I work as a maid here. LOL. Praying to receive a minimum wage at the very least from Mom. Another Note: It never happened. LOL again.)


Here’s my little secret: Be sure to “Schedule your priorities!”


Here’s my daily schedule of TO DO’s:

6 am – 1 pm Clean the house, do the laundry and cook food a.k.a. House Chores (Breakfast and Lunch Time included)

1 pm – 2 pm Rest (take a nap, listen to music, surf the net, do fb, etc.)

2 pm – 5 pm Review LET materials and Answer drills

5 pm – 8 pm Attend to Wachuwant Shop’s Orders and Product Inquiries (Dinner time included)

8 pm – 11 pm FB and Twitter time while watching educational videos on Youtube (Crash Course), Read relevant news articles, explore educational websites and quiz sites.

11 pm – 6 am Sleep Time (One month before the LET, I couldn’t sleep because of excitement so I used the perked up time to read more.) Another secret: If you can’t sleep, READ (anything that has letters on them will do. You’ll never know what trivia will be included in GenEd part.)


It is important for LET takers to be organized so that our brain will be programmed to do its job on retrieving data/remembering well because it has a system to follow.


Let your reviewing for the LET be a hobby! Read as if the letters will fly and you’ll not be able to cage it unless you catch it with your eyes and brain. Let the work you do be a recreational experience. Enjoy life! Enjoy learning! You’ll get its benefit now and use it for the rest of your life! God bless on your LET journey!


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