LET Items I have Encountered last Sept. 29, 2013

These are the items I remembered. I made a list right after taking the LET to make sure I could help others who will be taking the next LET to have the general idea of the exam coverage.


English – grammar (SV agreement, use of either/neither, indefinite pronoun, contrast bet. its and it’s), Reading and comprehension (simple lang po yung nasa LET-telling main ideas and riddles), figures of speech.

Filipino – uri ng panlapi, teorya ng wika, matalinhagang salita, pagpapantig, pokus ng pandiwa, karaniwan at di karaniwang pangungusap, uri ng teksto, alpabeto (baybayin/alibata)

Math – fractions, simple interest, geometry (angle, area, perimeter, pythagorean theorem), linear equations, LCM and GDF, work problems, ratio and proportion, PEMDAS, factoring polynomials, exponents, age problem, graph of an equation, mean/average.

Science – focused on biology (classification of mosquito-phylum arthropoda), naming, photosynthesis, cells, euthrophication, cell cycle, rocks, Avogadro’s number.

Social Science – focused on american regime (choices are Cooper Act, batas jones, hare-hawes-cutting law, tydings-mcduffie law, 3 items po ay tungkol sa mga ito nalimutan ko na po yung saktong tanong pero ang alam ko pa ay mga probisyon), writ of amparo, banda na tumugtog sa cawit cavite nung june 12 – Malabon, Rizal, (nothing about music or arts pero sa Elem. daw po ay marami).

ICT – very basic lang po (Hardware/software, keyboard shortcuts like CTRL+Alt+Del, parts of computer, program to use,etc).


Faci and Child Devt – Learning theories (Bruner’s EnIS came up 5 times, Behaviorism, Vygotsky 3 or more times about scaffolding, Dale’s cone of experience, Freud, Gagne’s condition of learning)

Principles of teaching, Edtech, Curr. Devt – Classroom management, withitness, application of edtech, Teaching activities like KWL, advanced org, dealing with discipline)

Assessment of Learning – types of evaluation process, guidance and counseling, performance assessment, wala pong kahit anong computation (hindi po namin nagamit ang calculator).

Teaching Profession and Social Dim – 4 pillars of learning, NCBTS, EFA, (wala pong Law), Code of ethics.

English Specialization

Linguistics – Krashen, intonation, speech act theory, paul grice’s maxims

Structure of English – (almost 20 items or more came from this) s-v agreement, vocabulary, intonation, voice, verbals, verb tenses, prepositions.

Stylistics – gricean maxims, speeach act theory, literaty theory.

Teaching methodology – approaches (audio lingual,etc.)

Instructional Materials – factors affecting choice

Lang. Lit. Assessment – kinds of test to use for a situation (placement, diagnostic,etc), performance-based assessment

Literature – Quotations and asking for author (No man is an island – john donne, to err is human to forgive divine – pope), henry david thoreau, Shakespeare’s works and quotations, Tagore, Rigveda, simple mythology (Helen of troy, gods and goddesses).

Campus Journalism – copyreading codes (stet, 30, #, etc.), parts of newspaper (Masthead, headline, etc.).

Creative Writing – elements of fiction, figurative languages

ESP – needs analysis

Language Curriculum – general content of syllabus, what syllabus to use, no questions about K-12

Language Research – parts of research paper

Language Translation – (maybe there’s none because could not remember items about this.)

***Please be part of my advocacy to help others by adding more items that I have missed, please include them as Comments below especially for the other specializations.

Credits to: Teacher Neph


4 thoughts on “LET Items I have Encountered last Sept. 29, 2013

  1. I am a fourth year English major student from PNU and as early as now, I am planning my way to be one of the top 10. Thank you so much for this. 🙂 Though I have my reviewers and notes, this blog gave more structure on what to review. God bless po!

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