Mindgym Philippines: Our Life Coach

Way back 2011 when the result of the September licensure exam was out, I saw the name of Teacher Jean Millare in the news. I immediately searched for her in Facebook to befriend her. I had this goal in mind that someday, I will be like her—a topnotcher.

I was surprised when she accepted my friend request immediately after I sent her a message. I read everything about her in the internet and in the newspapers. I read that she is a Mindgym alumna so I searched for the said review center right away. I envisioned myself being able to review at Mindgym just like Teacher Jean. I even imagined myself on the tarpaulin of the Mindgym topnotchers.

jean millare

I told my Mom not to celebrate for my graduation on 2013 but to save money for my review in Quezon City instead. She was hesitant at first because I’ll be coming back to the Metro again where I was raped back in 2009 that caused me to transfer to a school in Quezon province. It took time for me to convince her that I am okay now and I have recovered from the past. I told her, “Ma, kapag pinayagan mo akong sa Mindgym mag-review, I promise you, pagbalik ko, ipagmamalaki mo ako dahil topnotcher na ako!” She just smiled as always. She agreed to support me, so every year I help her save money for my review in Mindgym Philippines.

Teacher’s Journey

I got too excited to review at MIndgym that I purchased their Warm Ups Book 1 as early as February. I love the personal letter from coach Alice and plenty of drills, mindmaps, reading and memory enhancement techniques  included in the package. I immediately read and answered the drills in the book. I was so glad that the book comes with rationalization on each answer. The book comes with inspiring messages and tips from past topnotchers that even boosted my enthusiasm to succeed.


The day of my graduation came. I got a GWA of 1.4 and lowest grade of 2.0 yet I was not given any award because I am a transferee student. My parents and relatives were so sad especially my Mom who was expecting to go up the stage as she was accustomed to every graduation since I was in Day Care. To renew my mom’s lost hopes, I told her again, “Ma, medal lang yun. Graduation lang yun. Hindi pa dun nagtatapos ang lahat. May LET pa. Papatunayan natin sa kanila, na pagkatapos ng LET, sila naman ang maghahabol sa atin. Tayo naman ang tatawagan nila hindi lang para parangalan sa stage kundi para maging speaker sa mga seminars. Wag ka na po malungkot.” “Sana nga anak. Alam kong kaya mo yan,” are the last words I heard from Mom that day.


I decided to contact Mindgym Philippines right after graduation and Mo/am Alice responded with so much enthusiasm. I kept on asking for reservations for the first batch because I want to have more time to review.


I was really determined to top the LET. I told my goal to coach Alice and coach Albert and they were more than happy to help me achieve my dream.

9707_10151821748298819_1313959204_n (1)

coach albert message

When I finally arrived at Mindgym for the orientation, I was extremely happy to meet Mo/am Alice and coach Albert in person. They were both full of energy the whole day. (9am-8pm)


I’ll never forget our activities that day:

  1. Orientation and overview of the LET (what to expect, statistics, etc,)
  2. Memory enhancement and drills
  3. Fiesta-themed “Basagang Palayok”
  4. Getting-to-know each other activity thru performances using Multiple Intelligences by Howard Gardner
  5. Writing one’s Target (score on LET, Top the LET, etc,)—a symbolic activity that serves as a reminder of our LET dream just within our reach
  6. Telekinesis Practice (Testing the Power of our minds using bolt and thread)
  7. Torch Lighting and passing of the torch as a symbol of knowledge we will gain in our entire stay at Mindgym Philippiines.


I get excited every session because aside from the lessons and theories of learning, I learn new ice-breakers, new dance steps, new classroom games and new techniques in teaching by getting involved in the different activities in between each lecture and set of drills. There was never a dull moment in Mindgym. Whenever LETters feel sleepy, the coaches come prepared and armed with physical activities (exercises, song, dance, games, even performances from talented co-LETters) to awaken our spirit. The LETters love the simple act of kindness from our coaches and Ms. Precious by giving us candies, coffee, food, hot/cold water and freebies.


Mindgym also has a Boodle fight every Mock Drills Day. We experienced a kind of “Blood-compact” or shall I say “Food-compact” through sharing food and eating together with our bare hands. This activity showed Mindgym’s passion for equality, friendship, unity, love, and humility.

I will never forget the Awarding ceremony we had at the end of our batch coaching sessions where I received a “Top of the World” Award for topping the ProfEd and GenEd Mock Drills.



Mindgym not only gave us the knowledge and techniques in order to answer the items in the LET correctly but also gave us practical tips on how to fight anxieties, stress, and problems we might encounter on LET day. We had a Mock LET where we practiced filling out forms, shading items and answering the test as if we were already taking the actual LET.

I have found out just recently that most of my classmates and schoolmates back in the university where I graduated didn’t even know that the answer sheet looked that way or when to write using a black pen and when to use a pencil. They were surprised during the actual LET that they need to ask the proctor what to do several times to the point of annoyance. They were lost. This affected their confidence all throughout the exam. With this in mind, I would say that, “An excellent preparation is the key to success!” I thank Mindgym Philippines for boosting our confidence by keeping us properly armed with knowledge and tips we needed to survive the Licensure Examination for Teachers.


During our Power Coaching, we were flooded with affirmations and positive attitude that we are already winners! The refreshers work as an excellent checklist to verify our knowledge and preparation for the LET! The speakers who were past Topnotchers and high-raters were generous on giving pieces of advice for us not to fret on the day of the LET. They reminded us to aim high! Their expectations are Pygmalion Effect at work. We even got a chance to hug and have photos taken with the topnotchers! This fuelled our passion to be like them and achieve our dreams.




When you think after the Power Coaching (final coaching for some review centers) Mindgym’s support ends there, YOU WERE WRONG! We constantly get updates, drills, and unending tips and inspirational messages from their website, Facebook page, and FB Groups even after the last coaching session.

Mindgym’s LET Send-Off

When we had our actual LET, I know and feel that we are in the prayers of the entire Mindgym family.

Mindgym’s Prayer

So, you’re asking, “Nakapag-LET na, siguro naman tapos na ang support ng Mindgym.” WRONG AGAIN! The love and support never end there. There are still tips and inspirational messages coming from the Coaches especially Mo/am Alice on how to fight post-LET anxieties. We even had a victory party right after the Exam to uplift the spirit of the LETters and believe we have done our best so God will do the rest.

Advanced Victory Party


We will forever remain a part of the Mindgym Family. THAT’S WHAT I KNOW FOR SURE!


Credits to: Teacher Neph


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