How the Blackboard and Eraser Found Me


After mountainous pile of paperwork, rushed thesis that tore our pocket into pieces, unfavorable fees that result to a bulk of receipts and head-breaking exams, we are now starting to leave the box that sheltered us.

True enough, that first impression is not lasting. At first, I had my doubts on how I would handle my students because in my first encounter with them I faced different problems that make me think for many times if I really entered the right room. As the days passed by and with the help of my prior knowledge in principles of teaching, I have observed that I have somehow surpassed the task that at first I thought was so hard to do.

I handled a group of students from different walks of life. However, bringing them into one is the only goal of my teaching.

III-VP: “My First Base”
My first teaching is somewhat the basis of my whole day teaching. This section taught me one important value which I think the best one of the hundred attributes of a teacher – the essence of punctuality. In my first one month of teaching in this section, I came late. However, I tried my best to explain to them the whole reason of coming to class late. But through the help of my cooperating teacher, she advised me to think of some ways on how to come to my class early or on time. Consequently, I won the challenge. For the next months, I came to class early and used my time wisely.

IV-AAR: “My Second Base”
Having six sections to be taught is such a hard task but putting your passion into it will lessen the burden you are carrying. This section is the only fourth year that I am handling because the rest are composed of third year students. The only problem that I encountered in this section is on how to implement discipline to them. Some of the students in this section have undesirable traits that challenged me to change them into better students which are also making me to become a better teacher. At first, I was too strict to them but along the way I learned to control my temper towards them that made me be an open-minded in every situation around me. Since then, they already listened to me.

III-LP: “My Third Base”
Of all the sections I handled, this section is the only section wherein I can see the good result of my teaching. Even though they were in the lower section, they showed me that most of them have the potential to be on the top. The lesson I learned from this section is that I should not underestimate students. In my daily discussions, I saw how their willingness to listen and to learn something from me. They laughed at my jokes and obey the rules I set inside the room. As a result, some of them told me that their grades got higher since I started my teaching to them.

III-AA: “My Fourth Base”
Time management and appropriate learning approach are the factors that I have developed during my stay in this section. The time scheduled on this section can be considered as “oras de peligro” wherein boredom strikes them. It is so annoying to teach a group of students who keeps on chatting and most of the time yawning because of the temperature condition and the time. I can say that some of my teaching here is not that good but as time passed by I learned how to make my lessons active and lively. I used some strategies taught to me by my past teachers from the laboratory ( Ms. Vanessa Zubieta and Mrs. Rizaide Salayo). They taught some funny and yet informative learning approaches on teaching.

III-EM: “My Fifth Base”
Aside from my cooperating teacher who is the one who told me my progress inside the classroom, this section also served as my critics. At first, they are somewhat afraid of me because they taught that I am too strict. But along the away, they witnessed that I also have a sense of humour. I was so overwhelmed when I heard from my students that they can see the improvement on my teaching.
“Sir, ang galing nyo nang magturo. Nagpapatawa na rin kayo…”
Their praises forced me to teach well and to learn more during my stay on their school.

III-MH: “My Last Base”
This section is composed of bright students that trained me to become a man of wisdom. Every night, I browsed the internet for some facts that I can use in my teaching. Some of them were used to ask questions related to my topic and some are under the sun. That’s why to avoid any unnecessary mocking; I answered their questions that I think I can answer easily. In some cases wherein I don’t know the answer, I always tell them that some questions are in need of some important facts to be answer that’s why I requested some moment to answer their questions.

Indeed, teaching is a bittersweet experience on Earth. We will encounter different people with different personality that may test our patience and role as a facilitator, an instructor and as a teacher. To teach in different year levels and sections really elevate your thoughts and knowledge about teaching. Each teaching connotes different lessons. As our students learned something from us, we also gained the mastery of the subject throughout the teaching days.

Creativity and resourcefulness are also measured in this job. Financial support is not enough without those two attributes. We may spend money for teaching but we should be sure that we also spend time in executing it properly. Those IM’s that we will use should motivate those two kinds of learners.

To teach is to touch lives as many people would say. However, to see them also touching other lives satisfied everything that a teacher is craving for. A blackboard may show us the real picture of life but a teacher interprets it in a way that we will understand easily in a broader sense. A piece of chalk may write hundreds of words but a teacher speaks those words into wisdom. Through these, a real teacher is found.

Credits to: Teacher Gelo
Editor: Teacher Neph

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